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 Canine Officer Rich Stutte and Rolf

 Canine Rolf, Badge #392, was a German Shepherd born June 13, 2001 and imported from Czechoslovakia to Landheim Kennels in Indiana. Rolf began patrolling in Darien on December 19, 2003 after six weeks of training with his handler and partner, Officer Richard Stutte, #321. The K-9 team was certified annually in the area of tracking, building/area searches, handler protection, obedience, narcotics detection and article/evidence recovery. When not at work, Rolf lived with Officer Stutte and his family. K9 Rolf served his last tour of duty on 09-29-2011 and now served and protects from a better place.  The picture below illustrates the inseparable bond between Officer and K9. It was taken in Rolfs final moments. Thank you to Officer Stutte for letting us share this moving photograph.


Below is the team in happier times:


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